Avon Basson Defoamer Concentrate is a non-silicone based water dispersible, liquid defoamer. It controls foaming in sewage and waste water systems, and it is regular in alkaline conditions.

Product information

Avon Basson Defoamer Concentrate can be used to get rid of foam in water based definitely systems and gathering tanks in vacuum rest room systems.


  • Non-silicone defoamer
  • Stable in alkaline stipulations
  • Outstanding for all atmospheric, pressurised and non-stop waste equipment

Approved through  ZENON Environmental Inc. for use in membrane bio reactor systems


  • Can be used in sewage and waste water systems
  • Excellent to manipulate foaming and remove foam when necessary


Physical properties

Appearance Yellow brown
Density [g/ml] 0,86-0,90
Flash Point [°C] 85
Form Liquid

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