AVB™ Defoamer Concentrate™ is a non-silicone based water dispersible, liquid defoamer. It controls foaming in sewage and waste water systems, and it is regular in alkaline conditions.

Product information

AVB™ Defoamer Concentrate™ can be used to get rid of foam in water based definitely systems and gathering tanks in vacuum rest room systems.


  • Non-silicone defoamer
  • Stable in alkaline stipulations
  • Outstanding for all atmospheric, pressurised and non-stop waste equipment

Approved through  ZENON Environmental Inc. for use in membrane bio reactor systems


  • Can be used in sewage and waste water systems
  • Excellent to manipulate foaming and remove foam when necessary



Invent Hazard Material (IMO/EU) classification C-49

Physical properties

Appearance Yellow brown
Density [g/ml] 0,86-0,90
Flash Point [°C] 85
Form Liquid

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