AVB Coldwash is a heavy duty degreaser based completely on petroleum solvents, emulsifying agents and surfactants. This product is wonderful for use on dirty surfaces, bilges and gear parts.

Product information

AVB Coldwash splits after cleaning, releasing the oil section for reclamation. Powerful degreaser with fast penetration and authentic emulsifying properties. The emulsifying dealers in this product are organic degradable. Does now not include nonyl phenol ethoxylates or different estrogenic compounds. Effective on mineral oils and petroleum notably based totally residues. Safe to use on most metal surfaces and painted surfaces. Removes oil illness from machinery, engine parts and bilges. Soak cleansing of equipment parts. Rapid rinsing, leaves effortless and oil-free surfaces.


  • Emulsifying outlets are biologically degradable

Does no longer comprise nonyl phenol ethoxylates or different estrogenic compounds

Effective on mineral oils and petroleum based totally residues

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Safe to use on most metallic surfaces and painted surfaces

Removes oil contamination from machinery, engine components and bilges

Allows soak cleaning of machinery components


Easy to get higher as it splits after cleaning, releasing the oil section

Powerful degreaser with speedy penetration and gorgeous emulsifying properties

Rapid rinsing, leaves smooth and oil-free surfaces



Invent Hazard Material (IMO/EU) classification C-49

Physical properties

Appearance Clear brown
Density [g/ml] 0,90
Flash Point [°C] Above 61 oC
Form Liquid

Technical data

Not Compatible May swell rubber and synthetic rubber.

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