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Oil and Gas Production and Drilling chemicals

Supplier of Oil and Gas production and Drilling chemicals in Nigeria.

Supplier of Oil and Gas production and Drilling chemicals in Nigeria.
We are a proud supplier of chemicals and raw materials that are crucial to the natural gas and crude oil drilling industries. Our highly technical salespeople have an extensive knowledge of the different challenges encountered with different kinds of Oil and gas formations that contain precious natural gas and oil. AVON’s oil and gas production and drilling chemicals are designed for all types of drilling and completion fluids from brine to oil-based and water-based drilling muds. We understand that some formations need chemicals that perform at the highest level and under the greatest environmental stresses.


Drilling and completion fluids call for corrosion inhibitors, viscosity modifiers, solvents, shale stabilizers, surfactants, and much more. As a supplier of chemicals for drilling and completion fluids, we at AVON Oilserv know that you need the right chemicals for the right location. Drilling for natural oil and gas is no easy task, and you require the right chemicals to maximize your output. Drilling chemicals and completion fluids are one of AVON’s many specialties, and this is the reason why more crude oil and natural gas contractors choose AVON Oilserv for the chemicals they need for their production processes, drilling and completion fluids.

When selecting drilling chemicals for natural gas, there are a number of factors to consider. Drilling chemicals like dispersants and deflocculants to keep the mixture homogeneous are just as important as drilling mud surfactants and defoamers. Contractors often need fluid control additives for drilling in a controlled way to make sure that their drilling mud is safe and effective. Completion fluids and drilling muds also need pH control which is why AVON Oilserv offers highly competitive pricing on chemicals like Calcium chloride, Potassium chloride, hydrochloric acid, Xylene, and caustic soda.

AVON Oilserv is a leading supplier of drilling and completion fluid chemicals to the natural gas and crude oil markets. If you have a need for cost effective and high-quality drilling and completion fluid chemicals, AVON will be there to make sure that your project is successful.