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Why Choose Avon Basson !

We are one of the leading company in Oilfield Chemical Supply, Lubricant Distribution & Chemical products Producers. We make long-term investments goal in global companies in different sectors, mainly in Nigeria and other countries. We provide cost-effective industrial solutions.

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Factory Services For Your Business

Avon Basson has 20+ years of experience with providing a wide area of specialty services works listed below. A Company involved in Drilling Chemicals, Pipeline Chemicals, and Procurement/General Contractors.

Procurement/General Contractors

We have strength and experience in this services which allows us to successfully deliver projects to a wide number of clients.

Drilling Chemicals

Since 1998 Avon Basson Nigeria Limited has been drilling Chemical in some major Cities in Nigeria.

Pipeline Chemicals

We provide pipeline chemical service with innovation and digital capabilities to transform industrial functions.