Supplier of Coatings Adhesives and Sealants in Nigeria
As a supplier and distributor of adhesive and coating chemicals, Avon Basson is proud to work with the world’s leading adhesives, coatings, and sealants manufacturers to bring you the materials you need. Avon Basson is also proud to work as a supplier to the manufacturers of adhesives by supplying the raw materials and chemical ingredients that manufacturing companies trust and need.


coatings adhesives and sealants
Avon Basson Oil and Gas chemicals
As Coatings and Adhesive supplier in Nigeria.
Manufacturers of industrial adhesives rely on Avon Basson to accurately and quickly supply both water- and solvent-based adhesive chemicals in a variety of packaging options. Avon Basson’s long-standing relationships and chemical industry knowledge make us your best supplier for adhesive and sealant chemicals in Nigeria.

As a sealant chemicals supplier in Nigeria
Avon Basson specializes in supplying coating chemicals and raw materials used to make industrial sealants for commercial applications. Without quality raw ingredients from Avon Basson, paint and coatings manufacturers would not be able to offer the exclusive and high-end products we find on the market today. Quality coating and adhesive chemicals are needed for dozens of industries ranging from metalworking and construction all the way to the weather-resistant paints and sealants on cars and trucks. Rust protection is a function of Avon Basson’s many corrosion inhibitors and free-radical trapping chemicals found in paints and coatings all over the world. Coatings chemicals supplier Avon Basson is proud to supply raw materials to most leading manufacturers of paints, coatings, and sealants.


Sealant chemicals supplied by Avon Basson are trusted for their quality. Avon Basson offers a great selection of raw materials for manufacturing adhesive and sealant chemicals for today’s industrial and household marketplace. There are many adhesive applications that Avon Basson sealant chemicals can be used for including protecting machinery from the elements and typical commercial repair of industrial equipment. Companies that manufacture coatings and sealants count on Avon Basson to supply their raw materials because of Avon Basson’s commitment to excellence, extensive market knowledge, strong relationships with raw-material manufacturers, and our steadfast presence in today’s expanding marketplace.

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