Sludge Breakers

Sludge Breaker

Avon Basson Sludge Breaker agent can remedy sludge problems encountered in hydrochloric acid (HCl) solutions when raw acid contacts certain crude oils. Avon Basson Sludge Breaker agent helps prevent acid sludge formation either by acting as a chemical barrier between the asphaltene particles and acid or by reacting with and solubilizing sludge. Avon Basson Sludge Breaker agent is used in low concentrations (no higher than 1.0%) in most acid stimulation treatments, and it allows more effective, higher concentrations of acid to be used in treatments (from 15 to 28%). In addition to preventing sludge formation, it can also perform as a non-emulsifier to prevent some acid-oil emulsions and improve the performance of other non-emulsifiers.