NALCOOL 2000 has been designed for use in all common types of engine cooling system. Protects your cooling system against corrosion cavitation erosion, mineral scale deposits and electrolysis. NALCOOL 2000 will not affect rubber gaskets or other non-metallic components within the cooling system.

Designed to protect cast iron diesel engine cooling systems.

Contains additives to protect against sludge and mineral scale formation.

Prevents overheating.

Effective against liner pitting and cavitation erosion.

Not harmful to radiator or heater connecting hoses, diesel liner seals and ‘o’ rings.

NALCOOL 2000 is easy to apply as received, and is fully compatible with water in ethylene glycol solutions. It contains an anti-scalent which helps to keep engine systems clean and free from corrosion and scale formation. NALCOOL 2000 maintains design heat transfer efficiencies and extends the life of the engine.

Nalcool 2000 functions as a protective film–forming corrosion inhibitor and scale suppressant to keep engines clean and free from scale, reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Nalco 2000