Tri-ethylene glycol Supplier in Nigeria

Tri-ethylene glycol Supplier in Nigeria

Avon Basson is a Chemical Supply company in Nigeria, We can supply any quantity of Tri-ethylene Glycol in any location in Nigeria. We are Authorized Dealers for Tri- Ethylene Glycol for most global manufacturers of Tri-ethylene Glycol.
Triethylene glycol is packed in bulk or in new ms drums (235- kg net weight). We supply also in iso containers.

Supply of Tri-ethylene glycol in Nigeria
Supply of Tri-ethylene glycol in Nigeria

Triethylene glycol TEG, or triglycol is a colorless odorless viscous liquid used as a plasticizer for vinyl. It is also used in air sanitizer products. When aerosolized it acts as a disinfectant.

Glycols are also used as liquid desiccants for natural gas and in air conditioning systems. It is an additive for hydraulic fluids and brake fluids.

Apart from its use as a raw material in the manufacture and synthesis of other products, TEG is known for its hygroscopic quality and its ability to dehumidify fluids. This liquid is miscible with water, and also soluble in ethanol, acetone, acetic acid, glycerine, pyridine and aldehydes. It is slightly soluble in diethyl ether and insoluble in oil, fat and most hydrocarbons.

TEG is used by the oil and gas industry to “dehydrate” natural gas. It may also be used to dehydrate other gases. During this process, Triethylene glycol is placed into contact with natural gas, and strips the water out of the gas. It is heated to a high temperature and put through a condensing system, which removes the water as waste and reclaims the TEG for continuous reuse within the system.

Applications of Tri-ethylene glycol :
Natural gas dehydration: hygroscopic nature of teg is put to use in dehydration of natural gas. Teg is contacted counter currently with natural gas in a packed or bubble tray to remove moisture from natural gas. Teg is subsequently regenerated for reuse by stripping it of its water content. 2.
Plasticizer: Teg can be effectively used as a plastisizer for vinyls, nitro cellulose, safety glasses. Diesters of teg gives good low temperature properties and smooth film finishes.
Conditioning agent the affinity of teg for water is used advantageously in the manufacture of adhesives or pastes to eliminate shrinkage, curling and brittleness.

Specification :
Sr. No. Parameters Unit Specification limits
Appearance – clear colourless liquid
Suspended matter – nil
Odour – mild
Colour apha 25 max.
Water wt. Ppm 1000 max.
T e g wt. % 99. 2 min.
M e g + d e g wt. % 0. 3 max.
Heavy glycol wt. % 0. 6 max.
SP. Gr. @ 20 deg. C – 1. 121 – 1. 126
Distillation range 5% deg. C 280 min. 95% deg. C 300 max.
Acidity as ch3cooh mg/kg 100 max.
Ash content mg/kg 50 max.
Chloride mg/kg 10 max.

Properties :
Molecular weight 150. 17
Physical form liquid
Boiling point @ 760 mm hg 287. 4 0 c
Flash point (open cup) 175 0 c
Melting point – 7. 2 0 c
Specific gravity 20/20 0 c 1. 1255
U . N . No. nil
Haz chem 2 t

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