Avon Basson CargoClean is a heavy obligation alkaline cleaner with latest cleaning science formulated for cleansing cargo holds on bulk carriers.

Product information

Avon Basson CargoClean is a special mixture of strong alkaline components with selected additives enabling excellent and dependable cleaning outcomes time after time. This micro emulsion cleaner is particularly designed for the hardest and dirtiest cargos such as oily coal and petcoke. As well it will powerfully clean off most common dry cargos around.


By use of desirable cleansing equipment, such as the Avon Basson Cargo Hold Cleaning kits, the dense foam created will make a contribution to better cleaning efficiency and reduced consumption.


  • Advanced heavy obligation alkaline cleaner
  • Highly high-quality and very reasonably priced in use
  • Reduces the affect of external elements such as water first-class and temperature
  • Ideal for cleansing after soiled petcoke, coal and different hard cargoes
  • Safe on epoxy coatings
  • Designed and like minded with Avon Basson Cargo Hold Cleaning equipment
  • Does now not comprise nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds.


Saves cleaning time and cleaning chemical compounds

Predictable cleansing penalties

Complies with MARPOL Annex V

Complies with all environmental guidelines and the EU Detergent Regulation


Physical properties

Appearance Colourless to pale yellow
Density [g/ml] Approx. 1
Form Liquid
pH Approx. 13

Technical data

Not Compatible The concentrated product may react with aluminium, zinc, tin and their alloys

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