Carbon Remover

Carbon Remover

AVB™ Carbon Remover™ is a heavy obligation solvent cleaner best for removing of cussed
carbon deposits.

Product information
AVB™ Carbon Remover™ is a effective non-corrosive solvent for speedy break down
carbon deposits and very inexpensive in use.

• Quickly dissolves deposits containing carbon, resins or varnishes
• Eliminates need for challenging scraping
• Non flammable
• Removes carbon type deposits from burner tips, fuel
injectors and all components fouled with the aid of carbon, resin or varnishes
• Cleans oil aspect of gasoline heaters, oil coolers, etc.
• Removes carbon based totally deposits from gasoline and lube oil filters
• Can be used for cleaning of: – Pistons – Piston rings – Valve cages

Simple and low in cost to use



Invent Hazard Material (IMO/EU) classification C-49

Physical properties

Appearance Clear brown
Density [g/ml] 1,0
Flash Point [°C] Above 61
Form Liquid
pH 10-11 in 5% solution

Technical data

Not Compatible Avoid natural and synthetic rubber

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