Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser and industrial cleaner, Avon Basson is a known name in the industrial cleaning and maintenance chemicals industry in Nigeria, officially announces the availability of Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser and industrial cleaner online and in our various outlets. Avon Basson is a water based, non toxic, biodegradable degreaser, it does not contain any hazardous solvents that can present an issue to users. developed out of need, since the chemical industry and our economy rely heavily on petroleum and its by-products, there has been tremendous need to develop a degreaser composition that can effectively clean the various types of oils usually encountered in marine and refining equipment such as engines, ship decks, tanks and the like and yet does not possess the numerous disadvantages which are inherent in other degreaser in the market, these products are unsatisfactory to use in marine and other industrial cleaning purposes because they contain petroleum based solvents and other toxic organic diluent . Depending on the use Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser and industrial cleaner can be employed full strength for particularly heavy cleaning jobs, such as spills of heavy oils, the unique feature of this degreaser is that degreasing is effective even at less or full strength and even when the material being removed is particularly difficult to solubilise, for example it is still effective when diluted with 5 to 10 parts of water.

Areas of use:
Heavy duty cleaning of Petroleum products holding Tanks, Engines carbon on engine heads, Bunker C oil, Grease traps and machine parts, Decks and platforms engine room, Bulkheads soil-stained concrete, degas tanks and barge compartments, Petroleum based drilling mud’s compressor and diesel engine exteriors. Normal cleaning such as bilges, exhaust stack smoke, oil-soaked ground and other dirt sands, told, mildew, algae, water-line scum, teak wood decks, carpeting and the like can be accomplished with dilution from 10 to 20 times with one part of Avon Basson heavy duty degreasers. This degreaser t can be used as cold or hot water pressure wash in conjunction with steam cleaning.

Best/key benefits:
Since Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser is a water based degreaser and presents no problem to use during hot works or by heating the solution and then spraying it on where those application of hot work is desired, no danger of fire due to its water-friendly compositions. In practice Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser is superior to conventional cleaning agents because its unique formulation makes it take a less amount or lower concentration of Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser and cleaner to achieve better result than other commercially available cleaners.

Directions for use:
Avon Basson heavy duty degreaser and industrial cleaner may be used as supplied or diluted with up to 20 parts of water, apply to parts to be degreased, allow for penetration and wait for 10 minutes and wash off with water. It may be applied by brush, swab or spray. Parts may be pressure washed off with pressure washer or steam cleaner. According to the Research Chemist of Avon Basson Nig LTD , Uchenna Ernest Mbajiorgu “Consumers will no longer pay for water detergents in Nigeria as degreasers, rather they will enjoy full benefits of highly concentrated cleaning solution packets that dissolve when dropped in water, and enjoy full benefits of an industrial cleaner with highest cleaning efficacy“

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Our conventional packing for Avon Basson heavy duty degreasers and industrial cleaner: Packaging is in 5 liters, 20 liters and 200liters drums, and 1000 liters totes

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