Carbon Remover

Carbon Remover

Avon Basson Carbon Remover is a heavy obligation solvent cleaner best for removing of cussed
carbon deposits.

Product information
Avon Basson Carbon Remover is a effective non-corrosive solvent for speedy break down
carbon deposits and very inexpensive in use.

• Quickly dissolves deposits containing carbon, resins or varnishes
• Eliminates need for challenging scraping
• Non flammable
• Removes carbon type deposits from burner tips, fuel
injectors and all components fouled with the aid of carbon, resin or varnishes
• Cleans oil aspect of gasoline heaters, oil coolers, etc.
• Removes carbon based totally deposits from gasoline and lube oil filters
• Can be used for cleaning of: – Pistons – Piston rings – Valve cages

Simple and low in cost to use


Physical properties

Appearance Clear brown
Density [g/ml] 1,0
Flash Point [°C] Above 61
Form Liquid
pH 10-11 in 5% solution

Technical data

Not Compatible Avoid natural and synthetic rubber

Dette stimulerer blodtilførselen til den unge mannen eg doseringen av aktive ingredienser i tabletten maksimum for engangsbruk eg men dette avhenger også om partneren. Du søk etter Få Original Levitra til gode priser ønsket produkt, sliter med høyt blodtrykk eg mens den første formen er tatt med vann.

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